Elementary Student Council Huge Success

Along with Director of Elementary Programs, Megan Bybee, and a monthly teacher representative, Oak Grove’s Elementary students have been participating in a student council this school year.


Twice monthly, two representatives from each grade, 1- 6, meet on the patio of the Main House to discuss how things are going in the school, what improvements can be made, and to plan events for students. As a result of these meetings, some changes have been made to the assembly schedule, introducing a monthly free assembly where students just get to be together on the playing field. In December, Elementary student council representatives planned and implemented a Holiday party complete with dancing in the pavilion to the tunes organized by the fifth grade. Capture the flag, soccer, foursquare, lemonade and apple juice were provided by the Junior High. This month, student council representatives are planning a theme week, a week where each day will have a dress-up theme like pajama or sports day and an accompanying 45 minute activity. The student council has been a wonderful opportunity to build connections across the grade levels and to hear the voice of the students at Oak Grove.