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Where I'm From - Part One

Where I'm From - Oak Grove School Blog

Oak Grove School's Blog - In Part One of this exploration from Oak Grove School's Junior High class, students read brief passages from Krishnamurti's talks and then discuss what conditioning means to them. From environment to nationality to each circle of friends, students describe how they influence and are influenced. Click here to view.






This Week @ Oak Grove School 

Relationship with Our Surroundings.

Click here to view This Week @ Oak Grove School


New Media Posts from Oak Grove

OakGroveOjai This Week at Oak Grove School - September 24, 2017 https://t.co/FUDCf7gWt7
OakGroveOjai Peace Day celebrated at Oak Grove
OakGroveOjai "This Week" - Harvest Party, Peace Day & More https://t.co/ZwqzZ3VDOv
OakGroveOjai Back to school Night and Harvest Party https://t.co/3GeGk7wL7L
OakGroveOjai This Week at OGS - News & Info https://t.co/fo50V72wOT
OakGroveOjai Our budding pumpkin garden was transformed today into a full-fledged pumpkin patch, complete with hand-made... https://t.co/ZHPEqrVGzO