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This Week @ Oak Grove School -
Welcome to Summer

We are delighted to announce that due to generous donors, Oak Grove School will be able to carry out significant amounts of deferred maintenance and capital improvements.

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New Media Posts from Oak Grove

OakGroveOjai Summer Camps are in Full Swing at Oak Grove School. Check out these offerings coming up: Dance & Music Camps... https://t.co/xE2ZdLfwlM
OakGroveOjai Welcome to Summer 2017 - Oak Grove School https://t.co/FRfLIRLcRO
OakGroveOjai Oak Grove School's summer camps begin next week! From art to hiking to music to drama... there are offerings all... https://t.co/KBAsg4ng92
OakGroveOjai On Wednesday, June 7th, Oak Grove School honored its 8th grade class. This is a wonderful group of students with... https://t.co/NhKWJnDxzD
OakGroveOjai 2017 Oak Grove School Graduation On Wednesday, June 7th, Oak Grove School honored the 2017 graduating class.... https://t.co/TViTVhpYN3
OakGroveOjai Summer Break & Something New! This Week at Oak Grove School - June 11, 2017 https://t.co/noT4blZcdZ
OakGroveOjai After Oak Grove - The 2017 Graduating Class The graduating class of 2017 is a very lively group, full of varied... https://t.co/v3udHAM7uA
OakGroveOjai Last week of school, Graduation, Assembly & Potluck - This Week at Oak Grove School - June 04-10, 2017 https://t.co/bAULVfUBgE