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Families who are interested in our school love to hear from our current parents. We appreciate your time in visiting the websites below and giving your experience.





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Oak Grove Music program 







This Week @ Oak Grove School 

Thanks for joining us at Back to School Night (pictured above). A wealth of information was shared. If you're needing clarification on anything, please contact the front office or your teacher.

Click here to view This Week @ Oak Grove School


New Media Posts from Oak Grove

OakGroveOjai Peace Day celebrated at Oak Grove
OakGroveOjai "This Week" - Harvest Party, Peace Day & More https://t.co/ZwqzZ3VDOv
OakGroveOjai Back to school Night and Harvest Party https://t.co/3GeGk7wL7L
OakGroveOjai This Week at OGS - News & Info https://t.co/fo50V72wOT
OakGroveOjai Our budding pumpkin garden was transformed today into a full-fledged pumpkin patch, complete with hand-made... https://t.co/ZHPEqrVGzO
OakGroveOjai School Begins in 10 Days - Oak Grove School https://t.co/aEWuq3VfDo