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The 2013 8th Grade Gateway Ceremony

The 2013 Oak Grove School 8th Grade Gateway Ceremony 


View the 2013 8th Grade Gateway Ceremony speeches above. View the photo album by visiting our Facebook page


Oak Grove 2011 ESL Summer Camp

Oak Grove School 2011 ESL Summer Camp

This camp is a 2 week Homestay ESL & Surf Camp with an optional 3rd week camping and exploring the California Central Coast.  The camp is suitable for ages 12 to 15 years.

Why is our camp so special?  International students board with an American host family so they have a true cultural experience.  For the afternoon surfing and 3rd week camping option, international students are mixed with American campers so they make friends and have lots of opportunities to speak English! Read more...

icon ESL Summer Camp - Chinese

icon ESL Summer Camp - Japanese

icon ESL Summer Camp - Korean

Spanish Flag icon ESL Summer Camp - Spanish

Where I'm From - Part One

Where I'm From - Oak Grove School Blog

Oak Grove School's Blog - In Part One of this exploration from Oak Grove School's Junior High class, students read brief passages from Krishnamurti's talks and then discuss what conditioning means to them. From environment to nationality to each circle of friends, students describe how they influence and are influenced. Click here to view.