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Awakening Empathy in Early Childhood

Awakening Compassion in Early Childhood - Oak Grove School

Oak Grove School's Blog - Children wish to be treated fairly and they have problems with perceived unfairness. They have effusive and unrestrained capacity for expressing both hurt and compassion, and they enjoy the calm of equity and collaboration. Read the full story..

Revolutionary Minds - The Classroom Atmosphere

 Oak Grove School Blog

Krishnamurti's vision of education centers on inquiry and self-awareness. These qualities arise through the cultivation of a highly perceptive state of mind, one that is fearless in exploration, both inwardly and outwardly. Read the next chapter of Revolutionary Minds - The Classroom Atmosphere - on our Blog. Click here.

Oak Grove After school Classes Begin in October

Oak Grove's After school classes

Music, dance, science, German, and more... Oak Grove After school classes begin in October. Click here for more information and to register. 

To Simply Attend

On Wednesday, February 21st, Oak Grove School held its annual Fundraising Breakfast Tea. The theme of this year's event was To Simply Attend. What does it mean to truly attend to something, to make every part of yourself aware of something else, or just to truly perceive what is around you? And, how does that practice of attention fundamentally change how we see, feel, and act... how does it change our world? Click here to visit Oak Grove's Blog to hear from alumni, parents, and staff from this year's event. 


Summer Adventures

Oak Grove Trip to Cottonwood Lakes

Oak Grove School continues its popular Summer Adventures with an amazing trip to the Cottonwood Lakes in the John Muir Wilderness.  We spent 6 days exploring the area, swimming in the lakes and taking in the breathtaking High Sierra vistas. 5:00 am sunrise hikes, crystal-clear lakes, moon rises over Cirque Peak, and glimpses of native Golden Trout made this trip truly unforgettable. See route information and photographs here.