Mia Bortolussi

Art Teacher for High School & Middle School

How many years have you worked at Oak Grove?

After being a student for seven years (Class of 1999!), I worked part-time here and there for a few years before coming aboard as an art teacher in 2010.

Why do you work at Oak Grove?

I enjoy working with a team to make something beautiful.

A quote that inspires your approach to your job.

“One class at a time.”

Where is your special spot on campus?

The Art Building.

Coffee or Tea?


What outdoor experience has been most impactful for you?

I can’t say what the MOST impactful has been, but I had never back-packed before starting school at Oak Grove. And I absolutely love it.

The best live music performance/concert you ever attended is …

Oak Grove High School Showcase, obviously.

Which teacher in your life affected you greatly? How?

Guy Webster. Christy Sylvester. There’s way too much to say about these influences.

Name something that nobody knows about you.

Then everyone will know!

Person (dead or alive, famous or not) that you’d most like to share a meal with.

Ozzy Osbourne. I’d ask him to show me the happy face tattoos on his knees.

What is your most bizarre OGS experience?

I probably shouldn’t answer this on something that’s going public.