This year’s theme is


With the funds raised by our students, we will add more outdoor play equipment, natural playscapes, upgrades to our student leisure areas, and the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) tools across campus. For example, all-terrain bikes are needed for preschool and kindergarten, as are  improvements to add a more central student store in the high school.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination”
Albert Einstein

Messages to Students

Keep reading Miller and Clay! We love you! — Mom & Dad
Dahlia, Happy day of reading!! — Mom
Marcus, Books come and go but we hope you can always find one to enjoy! — xoxo Mom and Dad
Go Mica! We love you love to read — Mom & Dad
There are so many books I look forward to reading with you, Forrest. To go on a journey, we never need to go farther than the next page! — Love, Dad
Kajsa, We love your love for reading! Keep at it kid! — Mom
Dear India, Happy Day of Reading, your love of reading is so inspirational to us. — Love Mama and Dad :)
Dear Kelly, We love reading with you! — Lots of Love Mama and Dad
Happy Day of Reading Killian! — Love Mom and Dad
Hannah, READ, READ, READ. — Love, Mom, Dad & Aidan
Natalie, Enjoy all your special reading time!! — Love, Oma
Lilly Guerrero, Ame Martínez Giménez Valdés, Nicola Blunt, Lola Wyatt, Ananya Badami, Max Arce, I love seeing you students read! — Hugs from your teacher & librarian, Debra
All Students “Many stories matter. Stories have been used to dispossess and to malign. But stories can also be used to empower, and to humanize. Stories can break the dignity of a people. But stories can also repair that broken dignity.” Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie — Jodi
Londynn & Rylan, We’re so proud of you two, keep on reading. — Love Mom & Dad
Josie, your last OGS Day of Reading! sniff, sniff… — Love Mom!
Maybelle Hornblower, Jack Hornblower, Junior Class, So proud of what amazing readers you have become Jack and May! (And the Juniors!)
We’re so proud of you Willy! — Love gramgram and gramps
Hey stinky man Isis Eric sir, — from Isis from like a few days ago
I’m so lucky to have you as a classmate!! Never give up reading cash cash. — With love, Max
Hudson, I look forward to the many reading and writing adventures we will have together as you become even more of a literate and awesome individual;) All my love to you and our amazing family, school, and great community! — Dad
Dear Anna, This may be our 12th Day of Reading!! We are so proud of the person (and the reader!) you have become at Oak Grove. — We love you, Mom & Dad
Isla Gardner, Miles Gardner, Read on you crazy diamonds! — Dad
Melia, We are thrilled that you love to read…. Keep it up always. “Once you learn to read, you will forever be free.” Frederick Douglass — Love and hugs always… g & g
Kanaan and Jitari, get hyped for reading! — Love Bo and Brittany
Genevieve, Marcel, Reading great literature fills the heart and soul with great imagination. — Mom & Dad
Always be reading a good book Matson. We love you❤️ — Mimi and Papa
Harper dear, Reading takes you EVERYWHERE! We love you so. — Grandma & Grandp
Nicola, Never stop reading and learning! Love, — Mimi and PopPop
Go get ’em Elliot!
Evan, Here’s to stories, imagination and reading! With Love, — mom and dad
Proud of you Evan! Keep up the good work! We love you! — Grandma Lola and Grandpa John ♥️
Evan, This is in honor of your Grandpa George who LOVED books and reading and writing! A gift to your beautiful, nurturing school! He loved you so much! ♥️
Have a fantastic Day of Reading! We love you Chance! — mom & dad
Gianna, Keep up the good work — Dad
Love you Melia xo — Mom and Dad
Clementine and Goldie, Happy Day of Reading! There’s nothing I love more than reading with the two of you! So proud of you two and your love of books. — Love you so much, Coco xoxo
Hi Noah Rev. its been so wonderful to see your reading (and writing) blossom over this last year at Oak Grove! I love you soooo much… — Dad
Mabel – I hope you have a fun day of reading in your PJ’s! Love and miss you! — Auntie J
Easton, we know your passion and LOVE for reading, so keep it up always. So proud of you! All our Love — Papa D and Nana C
Let’s celebrate reading, Weaver! — Love Mom & Dad
Milo, So many bird and insect books for you to read! Keep up the good work my boy. — Dad
Read Read Read! Your love of reading will take you far! We love you and are so proud of you Novella! — Love Dad & Mama
JoJo, I hope you have a peaceful day of reading. Love you — Papa Bear and Melanie
Grayson, Enjoy the reading. We love you — Uncle Dave and Aunt Jennifer
Isla, Being a mental exercise protagonist, I can think of no better methodology than the perusal of literature in its many forms. Huzzah to Isla, Miles and their Oak Grove School teacher-dad Aaron! — Grandpa Gardner
Mica, you rock! Keep filling your mind with literature. — Dad
Easton, We love your love of reading! Keep on exploring, imagining and learning through reading! Miss you and love you — Aunt Dana & Uncle Dean
Sawyer and Audrey, We are so proud of all of the reading you are doing this year! We love seeing you enjoy books! — Love, Mom and Dad
Weaver, May you all continue to grow in knowledge and wisdom as the world needs you so much!
Hey Weaver. Here’s something Frederick Douglass said (ask your teachers who he is if you don’t already know!)– “Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” Keep on reading! — Love from Fred, Kakuna, Kiara
Clementine, Goldie, Vera, I am so glad you love reading and love to be read to. There are so many good books with more being written all the time. — Love, Grandma Fiddle and Papa
Novella, so proud of you for being a reader, we love you! — Grandpa Larry and Grandma Hershey
Jojo, Charlie, Love you girls!
Mabel, Read, read, read and read some more ! — Love you , Grandad and Cherry
I enjoy reading with you all year long, and I am looking forward to a day dedicated to just that! Happy Day of Reading Kindergartners — Bettina
Novella (“Peanut”), I am so thankful that you attend such a great school that love so much and have many friends at. Also, I am glad to have this opportunity to support you reading program. — Love Uncle Brent (and Pierce, Garrett, and Megan) from Texas
Mabel, You’re such a good reader! Have fun sharing books. — Love, Grandma
Mabel, Reading opens up the whole world. — C
Ella, I love you my sweet girl! Keep reading my beauty.
Easton, we are so proud of you and your excellent reading skills. Keep up the good work. — Jim and Diane Bellomo
Celebrating your full day of reading. Way to go Jude! — Love Poppa
Dear marvelous senior class, Happy day of reading! May your reading inspire your adventurous spirits. — love, Sydney
Jude, I trust you will work very hard on the Day of Reading program. Enjoy the day. I am proud of you. — Love you, Mimi
Weaber, Good luck on the reading extravaganza! Best wishes….. — Bill and Sharon
Isla, I love that you enjoy reading so much, Isla. Keep it up for life! — Love Grandma Maureen
Ella, Reading is like traveling…only less expensive! Keep up the excellent work! — Mimi Xoxo
Hey Jude, thanks for allowing me to be a part of your fundraiser. Good luck to you and your fellow students in this awesome endeavor…. Read on… — Daniel
Weaver, keep doing your best in school! love you — Grandpa and Grammy Judy
Gabriella, I hope your love for reading will continue throughout your lifetime. Enjoy your day of reading. — Love, Emmie and Papa Fox
Love you so much Maya, Gabey and Leify!! I’m so proud of all of you and your love of reading and writing. — Love Momma xoxo
Ananya, Rena, Aishy. We love you and love how much you enjoy reading! Always — Mum & Dad!
Good job Elliot, Leona and Vivian! — G&G R
Have a wonderful day of reading, Alex! Let your imagination take you on a joyful adventure!! — Love, Auntie Sarah
Gabriella, Enjoy the day of reading! Great job kids! — Emily
Happy Reading, Gabriella! I hope you like to read as much as I do! — Much love from your Alabama cousins!
Maya, Gabriel, Leif, Keep up the reading kids!! This is so cool. You are all inspiring me to read more!!
Maya, Keep up the good work. We are so proud of you! — David
Hey Diego! Education is the great equalizer! — Besos y abrazos, your guncles, Beto & Jason
Hi Wilde, I love when we read books together, specially Curious George and Pete the Cat. And I love how you read books to your little sister sometimes. — Love Mimi
Wilde, We can’t wait to hear you read next time we see you! — Love Uncle Beau & Aunt Lorena!
Hi Alex – Hope your school gets great STEM supplies and equipment and that you enjoy your day of reading. — Love, Grampa Jim and Grammy
Have a lot of fun reading Caroline. So wonderful for you to be helping your school this way! — Love, Grampa Jim and Grammy
Ben, Read, read, read ….. and then read some more! — Love you! Mom & Dad
Maya, Wishing you a great day of reading! — Sean Grumman
Grace and Rylan, Enjoy your reading and the worlds it can open!
Keep up the good work with your studies Hannah
Aishyyy – I’m so glad you love reading books! Keep that reading habit going, it’s one of the best ones you’ll ever have! — Love, Suhaas Mama!
Happy day of reading, Caroline! I can’t wait to see what your imagination creates next! —  Love, Auntie Sarah
Dear Karthik, Time flies. You are already in 7th grade! Keep on learning and do good, you are all the future!
Karthik, Keep reading, All the best. — Iyengar Malini
Siena, Diego, Read on!
Harper, Kampbell, Chandler, Reading will entertain you for the rest of your life!!!! I love you all so much!! —  Love, Grammy. So does Papa!!!
Liam, Niall, Keir, We are so proud of your reading skills, boys. Keep up the good work! — Love, Zsa zsa and Papa
Niall, Keir and Liam keep reading! We are so proud of you. — Love, Mommy and Mom xx
Hi Siena, Hope this helps! — Keith
So glad you’re discovering the wonderful world of reading, Hudson! — Love, Nana Lee and Grandad
Felix, Milo, Enjoy your reading! We love you! — Gigi and Pop Pop
We’re so glad you enjoy the adventure of reading, Ben! — Susan
River, Avalon and Carter, Our absolute favorite part of your education to support is…you guessed it! READING! And, we love you 3 even more than all the pages ever written — Bama & Papa
Keep reading Vaughn! You are amazing! — Colleen
Kampbell, we love you! Be Smart, read. — Grandma, Grandpa
Chandler, we are very proud of you and how well you are reading. We love you! — Grandpa and Grandma
Ben, never stop reading young man! :p
Happy Reading Day, Hudson! I hope you have a fun day reading with your friends! — Love, Mary Ellen
Happy Day of Reading, Grayson! — Love, Mom and Dad
Happy reading, Grayson. — Love, Nana and Grandpa
Easton, Love your love of reading! — Mom and Dad
Indira, We love you Indi! Keep enjoying your love of reading. — Xo, Mom and Dad
Harper, Kampbell, and Chandler, We LOVE reading just as much as you do!! — Love, Mom and Dad
Maison, you’re a reading machine! Save some books for me!! — Dad
Indi, I am thrilled that you spend time reading. Soon, you will write a song! — Much love on reading day from Grandma and Alan, and Molly says keep up the good work.
Hi NatCat, I’m so glad that you enjoy reading because books are Magical like Unicorns! Continue reading daily because books are good for the mind and Soul!! — Love, Grandma Emma
Hi Maison, Have a great time reading in the sunshine! — Danielle
Gabriella, keep up the good reading. — Lisa Sam Jake and Eve
My dearest Peapod/Pickle, Alofa tele lava ma Ia manuia le aso!! See you soon. — Menga and Papa
Stella, Love you sweet girl! — Love, Meema
“I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.” – JK Rowling Happy day of reading, Stella! — With love, Dad
Vaughn, we are all so proud of you for being such an awesome kid! Keep up the good work & always keep reading! — Love, your Ohio cousins
Lucy, We love you, Lucy! Have a wonderful day of reading! — Elissa
Leo, Reading with you is one of my favorite things. — Love, Mama. xo
We love you, Elsa and Ava! And we love reading with you! Enjoy your fabulous day of reading at school. — Love, Auntie Z, Uncle B, Avery and Eloise
Dear Elsa and Ava, Your love of reading books inspires us endlessly! We love to cuddle up and read books with you. It has been one of our greatest delights since you were born and all through the years! Cheers to continuing to explore your imaginations through reading!!! — Love, MeMe & Grandpapa❤
Wish you the very best dear Aishy. Continue to read and let books take you to new and wonderful places. Let your imagination grow as you discover the wonders of this beautiful world. — Love, Sapna Mami and Sourabh Mama
Wilde, Reading is knowledge . Good job — Uncle Mike/ Aunt Vickie
Jenny and I support your good works, Matson!
Matson, Keep reading, keep working hard, and keep being such a cool kid! — Leslie Golden
Gabriella, Cheers to loving the magic and adventures of books! We can’t wait to be with you again to read with you and to share tons of fun. — With Love, Lena + Jeff
Hi Diego, I hope you are enjoying what you are reading. See you soon in Ojai. — Love, joanna and kate
Way to go, Gwen and Clark! Read on!! — Michele
Liam, Niall, and Keir, Have a wonderful time reading on Friday! So missing all of you! — Love, Ouma
We are rooting for you Vaughn — from Ohio, Love Jan&Sharon
Dahlia, Happy Reading Day! — Uncle Gary and Aunt Janet
Happy reading, Vaughn! — From Violet and Makena
Howdy Vaughn! We are so excited for your day of reading and hope you enjoy the day so much! Don’t forget to ask your teachers about the golf program! — Love, Uncle David and Auntie Marita
Meow and a purr! We want her! Maison! Maison! Maison! Keep up your fabulous reading! We can’t wait to read with you soon in person. — Much love, grandma Susan and grandpa Richard
Hi Gabriella! So happy you asked me to donate for you and your magical school! Love you and miss you! I hope I get to see you soon! — Xoxo shael
Marcus, So happy to support your 13th Day of Reading! Read on!
Marcus, Enjoy a day of doing one of my favorite activities! I’m very proud of you, my #1 nephew… — love you lots, Auntie Julie
Dear Peter and Louisa, We love your love of reading! Reading with you is our favorite part of the day! And now, watching you learn to read has been our greatest joy. — Love, Mom and Dad
We love you Stella Jane, keep learning and educating yourself, and it will never fail you!
Marcus, Scotty still thinks he knows more about Harry Potter than you do :)
You’re doing GREAT Matson!— Wendy
So proud of you Marcus. Keep it up…. We all LOVE to read…… — Love you, Spain Family
Go Maison, Go! — The Wizard.
I’m so proud of you, Marcus!!
I am so proud of you Gabriella! Keep reading and exploring the world. — I love you, Mary Alice
Marcus, Happy day of reading! — Tiana
Josie, Hooray for you ❤️  — Michal
Fin, Scarlett, Grammy and Grampy are so proud of the wonderful job of reading you did for us last weekend. Keep up the good work. Remember, reading is a vital skill for life! — Love you both!
Vaughn, Enjoy your day of reading! — Love, Tutu
Marcus, we are so proud of you. Day of Reading is such a great way to cultivate the love of books & reading! — Love & hugs, Grandpa & Grandma Romey
Mica – You are so loved. Continue to express your greatness.
Reading is a magical window to the world. Enjoy this special day! We love you Brooks. — Mom & Dad, Arya & Scottie.
Ian, hope you have a fun reading day. — Grandma McKay & Grandpa Blaine
Jules… so many Day of Reading days over the span of your 13 years at OGS! We love this fundraiser. — We love you! Mom and Dad
Can’t wait to see you again, Noah, and hear about what you’ve been reading. — Love, DonDon and JeeJee
Keep on reading, Donovan. Through reading you can go on amazing adventures, learn about interesting people and the wonders of science and animals! — Love, Mommo & Poppo
Way to go Milo and Felix. Books are the best! — Joshua
Louisa and Peter, May the joy and wonder of reading continue throughout your lives. — Love, Lulu and Haha
Holly, We are proud of you, enjoy the day of reading, — Love, Grandma & Grandpa
Happy reading day, Gabriella! Love you sweet girl. — Caroline
Keep reading Karthik, one of the tools to expand your imagination is reading. — Mom and Dad
Marlon, Our favorite Chapter.. is the one when you fell in love with Books!!! — Bianca
Ian, Let your imagination soar through the power of books! — Grace
Reading is invaluable! All my love to you Max — Kristin
You are a wonderful student, Louisa! Keep up the good work! Excellent job reading, Peter! So proud of you!
Way to go Max!
Dear Max, Life is beginning for you now. I hope you can embrace the opportunity. — Love, Grammy
Max, Books are discount tickets to everywhere. — Kurt
Nayeli, Berenice, Keep reading. — Love, mom and dad
Makel, Happy Reading! — Love Grandpa
Karthik, Keep studying and reading well. Also participate in a few outdoor activities and become an all-rounder :-) — Kirti Aunty and Balu Uncle
Read on, Makel!
I love that you love to read Surya! Keep it up!! — Deepa
Karthik, Keep up the studies and good work! — Tejas
Kate, Enjoy your last Day of Reading at Oak Grove School. — Love, Mom and Dad
Ever, Arlo, Iris, Enjoy your day of reading! — Love Mom and Dad xo
Go Azi! Keep up the good reading! — Love, Shawn, Noelle and Zoey
Finn and Scarlett, we love reading with you! It’s been a joy watching you both learn to read. What a joyful journey! — Love, Mom and Dad
We love you Coco & Eli! Enjoy Day of Reading!
Julia, Ian, Great job guys! Keep it up!
Dear Finn & Scarlett, Reading will take you on so many exciting adventures! — Love, Grandma
Yay to all. Happy reading every day! — Victoria
Dear Mica, I love that you enjoy reading so much! It’s always fun to hear what you’re reading about. Keep reading and keep enjoying it! ❤️ — Karunya
Johnny! We love you and we love reading and we love that you love reading. — Xoxo Mom & Dad
Keep up the good work in school. Love you Gabriella! — Monica
Dear Azi, I’m so proud of you. Your depth of understanding of yourself and others is a gem that will shine on the world for years to come. I love it that you and I and mom cherish reading. — I love you. Ciro
Matson, We LOVE that YOU LOVE to read! — XO Nyna & Dines
Grace, We love your love of reading! — Mom & Dad
Marlon, love how much you love to read. — Scott
Azi, Keep up with your reading. — Mercedes
Abbi, Bishop, Love you both! Read on, yon fellow book-nerds!
Tyagin, Sounds like so much fun! Cozy up and enjoy your Day of Reading! — Mom
Sylvie, Coco, August, We’re so proud of you and all the reading you do! — Love, Mom & Dad
Congratulations Anna!!! Graduating from high school is an occasion to celebrate!! We are SOOOOO proud of you!!! — Ma Faye and Poppy Mike
We love you Abbi & Bishop! Keep reading! — Grandma & Pap
Keep reading Gabriella!!!! — Mary
Good luck reaching your personal goal Matson! — Kamie Lehmann
Vivian, Eliot, We love our reading Rutherfords — Sarah
Azi, I am so happy that you enjoy reading! You are an amazing person in so many ways! I have found books will take you around the world and you will never be lonely or bored. — Annie
Getting to read awesome books is honestly one of the best parts about growing up! Keep it up, Gabby! — Chris and Christina
Keep on reading, Dahlia & enjoying your days at Oak Grove School!
Arlo,Ever,Iris, Keep up the good work! — Love and miss you, Neen
Indi and Ro, Reading is knowledge, reading is imagination, and reading is so much fun! — All our love, Pap Pap and Grammy Gayle
Best Wishes Karthik! — Douglas
We love you Novella! — Jaclyn
You are a reading warrior Brooks! Sending you lots of positive energy for your fundraiser. — With warm regards, Cookie
Marcus, Have fun! Love, Auntie Christina, Uncle Buck, — Sienna, and Mojo
Julia, Ian, There is no friend as loyal as a book. — EH.

Want to learn more about Day of Reading?

There are 18 days of inspiring friends and family to give! Day of Reading launches on Tuesday, April 13, and culminates on Friday, April 30. On the Day of Reading, Friday, April 30, Oak Grove students come to school in their pajamas, along with a favorite stuffed toy and a treasured book or two. The day is spent exploring the magic of words and pictures.

“In your encounters with books, may you find your own heroes who will be your lifelong companions and help you build your own creative world.”
Yo-Yo Ma

Students and parents — Use this sample text for your fantastic appeal letter! Feel free to use it, edit it, or replace it with your own message.

The Day of Reading is a different kind of student fundraiser — one that inspires the imagination, links children together through the magic of storytelling, AND raises money for some exciting enhancements to our campus and programs. Our students look forward to their friends and family sponsoring them to spend a day at school doing what they love – reading!

We are currently seeking a Matching Donor with the hope of having a total of $5,000 (or more) matching funds. Would you like to match or increase the amount? Email Jacqueline Valle or call 646-8236 x153.

Our Day of Reading generally follows this plan in person:

STUDENTS: After 18 days of inspiring friends and family to give, on April 30, Oak Grove students come to school in their jammies, along with a favorite stuffed toy and a treasured book. The day is spent exploring the magic of words and pictures.

This year’s Day of Reading is different!
With the funds raised by our students, we will add more outdoor play equipment, natural playscapes, upgrades to our student leisure areas, and STEAM tools across campus.

The event spreads beyond campus to extended family and friends, because each one of us can make a donation large or small to sponsor the Day of Reading.

Sponsor a student today.
Thank you for helping to make a difference!

“We want our two girls to be supported with a foundation of compassion, intellectual inquiry, and creative expression. We want them to build on the qualities of joy and curiosity that they embody right now so that they remain the essential parts of who they are as adults.”