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for helping us

reach our goal!


What We’re Doing This Year!


With the $40,000 goal for proceeds raised by our students, we will fund friendship benches and gardens, cooperative play and leisure equipment (outdoor leisure game sets, multi-sensory installations, etc.), a speaker series on Allyship and Equity, a butterfly garden, and many other innovative ideas. Additionally, we will donate 15% of the funds to Pacific Pride Foundation, a LGBTQ+ advocacy group.

Messages to the students


It’s wonderful you love books and are learning to read.
love you, Nana and Grandpa

Be a life-long learner, Dahlia! Enjoy the knowledge & adventures of reading.
Aunt Jane & Uncle Rick

Love you Anna!!! Keep reading!!!

Good luck with your fundraising! Love Uncle Chris!

Have fun reading!

I’m glad to see Pepper likes reading too.
Love and miss you, Gramma Judith
Ian & Julia,

Keep reading everyone! Remember, stay safe and do your push-ups!

Keep Reading.
Doddakashi family

So glad you love reading!
We love you!
Mom and Dad

You are talented and your love of books is a gift that a lot of people don’t have.
Best wishes.
Poppy and Geema
August, Coco, Sylvie, & Luna,

Grandpa loves you all! Reading to you all as you’ve grown has been a highlight of my life.

To Eden and endless adventures.
August, Coco, Sylvie, & Luna,

We’re so proud of all of you! Keep reading!
Sadie & Jackson,

I love that you love reading as much as I do.

We are so proud of you and your love of books! Keep reading and growing!
Stella & Lucia,

Happy reading! Read on!
Go Mica!

We love that you love to read. Enjoy your Spring Break.
Love Mom, Dad, Rio, Chooch, and Toby
Miller & Clay,

Keep reading and some day you can enjoy one of my favorite authors, Stephen King!
Love you both!

You are the best reader I know!! Am so proud of you! ❤️❤️
Maybelle & Jack,

Reading is awesome!
Marcel & Genevieve,

Keep on reading.. opening up your imagination!
Poetry, writing letters, reading outside under a tree or at the beach.. spend some time alone giving this gift to yourself.
Peter & Louisa,

So happy that You both love to read so much,
look forward to doing a lot of reading with you tomorrow… and the next day… and the next…
Mom and Dad
Kanaan & Jitari,

Yeet Yeet.
Read like an egg.
Sned it.

Brittany and Bo

We love reading with you Johnny!

We love you Ben …. keep up the reading!

Keep reading, and keep dreaming. Your imagination can take you anywhere.
Dear Jack and August,

Can’t wait to snuggle up and read all day with you!
I love you,
Abbi & Bishop,

Have fun reading. Love you both tons.
Grandma and Pap

Keep on reading, Johnny!
Poppy and Nana

Proud of you Killian! I love you very much! Read away!…

We love to see you captured by reading, to go anywhere that excites you!
Our love,
Mom and Dad
Dear Easton,

We couldn’t think of a better cause to donate to.
We just LOVE how much and How well you read!
Keep it! We Love you so much
Nana C and Papa D

We love how much you love reading, Lucy! May it reveal wonderful new worlds and Provide you with magical moments.
Love, Nona and Nono

Happy Day of Reading!
Love mom and dad❤️

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”
– Stephen King
Enjoy the magic!
G-Ma & Bapa Steve

We’re so glad you enjoy reading, Ben. Your world expands with every page.
Love, Grandma and Grandpa

Proud of you for your love of reading!
Enjoy your reading, Grayson!

Mom and Dad

You have read many books that a lot of people don’t read until they are adults. It’s really fun to hear about the people you’ve met and the adventures you’ve had through your reading! Keep it going!
Love, Grandma Beth

Hope you enjoy your day of reading!
Love, Auntie Julie

I read 81 books this year and I’m 37 years old! If I can do it, you can do it! Read read read and be one of the smartest people in the room.

Have fun reading! ❤️

We love you Matson! And we love that you love to read!
Nyna & Dines

Auntie Val, Uncle Norm and Zachary

Love you to the moon and beyond!
Mom & Dad
ALL Students,

Happy Day of Reading!
Josie & Olivia,

Read on!

“It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.”
― Oscar Wilde
And Mom and Panch
Kampbell dear,

We love you!
Grandma and Grandpa

We love you
Grandma and Grandpa
Good job Hannah,

Your hard work has paid off!
Mom, dad, Aidan, George, Susana
Harper dear,

We love you!
Grandma and Grandpa

Keep up the great work and love of reading. ❤️

Always so proud of you!
Love you!
Gramma & Skip
Gabriel & Maya,

We love you so much!
Love Momma and Daddy

Go Maggie !!!!!!!!!

This is a great idea and something positive for us to think about in these strange times.
Xoxo, aunt Marian

I love your spirit, Ryder.
Earl, Hayes, Quinn,

Inspired by your inclusivity theme this year.
Here’s to the joys of reading and the places the stories take you…


So glad you love to read. It’s one of our favorite things to do also. Enjoy your special reading day at Oak Grove. We love you.
Grandpa and Grandma Romey

I am so happy Aishy that you enjoy reading. Keep doing what you love.

Such an important and wonderful fundraiser.
Thank you!
Londynn & Rylan,

We love you both ❤️❤️
Xoxo MD
Read on, Ryder, read on!
Hi Weaver,

Thanks for volunteering to read, to raise money for your school!
Love, Grammy

Enjoy your day of reading. You can go anywhere in the world!
Love, Grammie and Draza
Happy reading Ryder!

All the best
from Judy Kindberg, your Gramma Lori’s forever high school friend!

So glad you love books!
Love, Gram Betty

We love that Oak Grove is celebrating inclusivity, an important and meaningful value that you share! So happy to be a part of this effort.
Aunt Cheryl, Uncle Jesse, Lucas, Isabel and Liliana
Bishop and Abbi,

Good luck with your fundraiser. You are both excellent readers, and Pap and I are so proud of you.
Gre and Rylan,

Have a really fun Reading Day!
❤️ Love Mom & Dad
Have fun reading, Ivy!


I will see you soon. We can read together.

Love that you are doing this Avalon! Best of luck reaching your goals!
Edward and Andrea
Avalon, River, Carter,

Reading can take us anywhere we want to go.
Hoorah for you.
Grandma B, Richard, and Charlotte B

Keep on reading!
Mom and Dad

You are the best! Happy Day of Reading.
Love, Grandma Bobby

Now you are a reader – someday you will be a great author of your own plays and stories.
We love you, Bama and Papa

I love you Avalon!
Makai & Forrest,

So happy to be a part of this wonderful program, supporting my two amazing grandchildren! ☺️

Once a lizard, always a lizard!

We highly recommend The Lion in the Living Room: How House Cats Tamed Us and Took Over the World!
Toulouse and Emma

I like this year’s goal for inclusivity!
Love Mom & Dad
Dear 5th graders,

I enjoy our lunches together as much as I hope you enjoy Day of Reading!

The Day of Reading is a different kind of student fundraiser — one that inspires the imagination, links children together through the magic of storytelling, AND raises money for some exciting enhancements to our campus and programs. Our students look forward to their friends and family sponsoring them to spend a day at school doing what they love  reading!

We are currently seeking a Matching Donor with the hope of having a total of $5,000 (or more) matching funds. Would you like to match or increase the amount? Email Jacqueline Valle or call 646-8236 x153.

Our in-person Day of Reading was cancelled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, we held the event remotely with enthusiasm and success, thanks to all of you!

Our Day of Reading generally follows this plan in person:

STUDENTS: After 18 days of inspiring friends and family to give, on March 20, Oak Grove students come to school in their jammies, along with a favorite stuffed toy and a treasured book. High School students are paired with a buddy in the younger grades, and the day is spent exploring the magic of words and pictures.

GRANDPARENTS & PARENTS: Also on March 20, Oak Grove parents and grandparents are invited to come to school in their jammies (or at least something comfortable) and read, too! We welcome you to visit your grandchild/child in the classroom, arranging this beforehand, directly with the student’s teacher.

We ask that all visitors sign in at the Main House Front Office at the start of a visit, where coffee, tea, and snacks are available.

This year’s Day of Reading is different!
With the $40,000 goal for proceeds raised by our students, we will fund friendship benches and gardens, cooperative play and leisure equipment (outdoor leisure game sets, multi-sensory installations, etc.), a speaker series on Allyship and Equity, a butterfly garden, and many other innovative ideas. Additionally, we will donate 15% of the funds to Pacific Pride Foundation, a LGBTQ+ advocacy group.

The event spreads beyond campus to extended family and friends, because each one of us can make a donation large or small to sponsor the Day of Reading.

Sponsor a student today.
Thank you for helping to make a difference.

“We want our two girls to be supported with a foundation of compassion, intellectual inquiry, and creative expression. We want them to build on the qualities of joy and curiosity that they embody right now so that they remain the essential parts of who they are as adults.”

View the Day of Reading launch …