Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an application deadline?

The application deadline for priority consideration is February 1 of the current year. Interested in Oak Grove? Submit your application now.  Applications are accepted after the deadline on a space-available basis. 

Do you offer financial aid?

Each year Oak Grove School has a limited amount of need-based financial aid for families with children from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Priority is given to our returning families. There are not sufficient funds to give aid to all who apply. Families are asked to adjust spending priorities in order to pay for school tuition.

Is financial aid renewed each year automatically?

Oak Grove asks families receiving financial aid to reapply each year. However, once financial aid has been awarded, it is reasonable to expect that it will be renewed each year, providing a family’s financial situation does not change substantially.

Will a request for financial aid influence the admission decision?

No. Oak Grove bases its acceptance of students on academic ability, personal qualities, etc.

When are the entry points?

We accept students at all grade levels. Typical entry points into the school include preschool, kindergarten, 4th, 7th and 9th grades.

Do you issue I-20’s for international students?

After a student has been offered acceptance at Oak Grove an enrollment contract will be issued to the family. Once the contract is signed and returned along with the indicated amount of tuition and fees, the Admission Office will issue an I-20 along with supporting documents so the student may begin to apply for his or her F1 student visa.

What is Oak Grove’s student body like?

  • Students in Preschool through High school, ages 3 years through 19 years.
  • Over 200 day students and 15-20 boarding students, with nearly equal numbers of boys and girls.
  • Oak Grove boarding students come from throughout the United States and hail from countries including, Australia, Mexico, Korea, Taiwan, China, and Japan.
  • Students transferring to Oak Grove come from a wide range of educational backgrounds including both public and private schools, homeschooling and charter schools.

What type of student thrives at Oak Grove?

According to our graduating class, students who…

…are open-minded and interested in exploring differing views.

…are self-disciplined and self-motivated.

…are curious and have a genuine interest in learning for learning’s sake.

…enjoy the outdoors, camping and the natural world.

…are independent, confident, and proud of their uniqueness.

…are warm, friendly and kind.

…are looking for something different than the “typical” school experience.

…are comfortable in a small, close-knit community where everyone knows each other well.

…have a strong desire to be at Oak Grove.

What type of student is Oak Grove looking to enroll?

The goal of the admissions process is to ensure that the Pre-K through 12 student population of over 200 reflects the school philosophy as broadly as possible. There is no “typical” Oak Grove Student as the school seeks students (and families) with diverse backgrounds, talents, and interests. The school/family/student match is an essential part of the decision making process. Above all, we want to enroll students who have the potential to be successful and happy at Oak Grove.

What can I expect when I come to visit Oak Grove?

Oak Grove welcomes admission visitors throughout the school year. Please call our office to schedule a tour of our beautiful campus. During your visit, we will answer your questions and peek into classrooms and activities in grades you are interested in. A full visit usually lasts about an hour.

We encourage you to attend our Open House in November and High School Showcases in December and May.

Begin the application process. If you have any questions, we’re happy to assist you.