Our Philosophy

Our Purpose

Inspired by the original intent and statement of philosophy left by the school’s founder J. Krishnamurti, the mission of Oak Grove School is to assist students in developing those qualities of mind, heart, and body that will enable them to function with excellence, care, and responsibility in the modern world. In addition, it is the intention of the school to offer a place where the whole community can inquire together into the perennial questions of humankind and explore an approach to life that is whole, mindful and intelligent.

Local Outreach

Relationship to others and our local community is a key element of The Art of Living and Learning. Even our youngest students are encouraged to give back to the community – the immediate community of the school and also the community in which we live – the beautiful Ojai Valley. As students explore the nature of our relationship to each other and to the world, it is hoped that a sense of responsibility takes root and flowers.

Relationship to others and to global communities is a key element of The Art of Living and Learning.  A Krishnamurti education cultivates a global outlook and encourages students to relate to the world in the broadest sense, asking that they see themselves as part of the human family, without regard to race, religion or ethnicity.

Environmental Outreach

Relationship to the environment is a key element of The Art of Living and Learning.  Krishnamurti repeatedly emphasized the importance of developing in each child a sensitivity to nature that would translate into active stewardship and responsibility for the environment.

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