Pastoral Care

Serving the Whole Student

At Oak Grove, we are committed to serving the whole student. The Pastoral Care Program is designed to offer social-emotional support for students and staff, so that each is able to show up intentionally and engage authentically, generating a sense of belonging and community. Once we are present and feeling connected, we are then able to embrace learning and to excel in other areas.

Student Pastoral Care Time

First 15 minutes of school day, for PK-12th grade students and all OGS staff.

The intention of Pastoral Care Time is to create a grounding opportunity for students and teachers alike at the beginning of the school day. To ground, in this sense, means to slow down and connect with where we are, physically, mentally, and/or spiritually. This time of intentional slowness acts as an explicit transition from what happened last night or before school to this new, present school day. The opportunity to be in touch with what’s happening for each of us as we begin the day sets us up to more fully engage in the rest of what the day holds.

Adult Pastoral Care Time

Twice a week in morning for parents & caregivers

Pastoral Care Time is also offered twice weekly in the morning for parents and caregivers.

Physical Space

A Pastoral Care office and infirmary in the High School.

  • This is a space for all staff and faculty, as well as HS students, to rest, check in, and be cared for.
  • Students and classes on the South side of campus can utilize this space when needs arise.

Direct Student Support for High School

  • Drop-in and scheduled, in-person, virtual visits, and via Parent Square.
  • Our Pastoral Care Coordinator works with students, parents and staff to support student wellness.

Team Support for PK-12th grade

  • Teachers and program directors work together with the Pastoral Care Coordinator when needed.
  • Offer direct support for students, parents, and teachers when deemed helpful for a student’s wellness.
  • Support for teachers so that they can fully show up for student relationships.

Staff Support

  • Working closely with teachers, staff, Program Directors and Head of School to provide support as needed.
  • Advisory Support
  • Progressively re-envisioning advisory curriculum coordination in grades 6th-12th.
  • Developing and supporting comprehensive Sexual Health and Wellness resources for advisories and teachers.

Committee & Program Support

Pastoral Care Team works along side various areas and committees as they relate to health, wellness and development including:

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Committee (DEIB)
  • Libraries
  • Health & Safety Committee
  • Sexual Health & Wellness Committee
  • Parent Education Program
  • Parent Council

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