Our Elementary School

3rd through 5th Grade

The Art of Living & Learning

At Oak Grove we approach teaching, learning, and living as an art form – The Art of Living and Learning. Elementary School is an exciting transitional journey from childhood to young adulthood, and our dedicated faculty will help you navigate these important times and prepare you for the path ahead.

Academic, social, and emotional needs are closely monitored by the homeroom teacher. Mid-term parent-teacher conferences and comprehensive semi-annual narrative evaluations ensure that parents are given a complete and accurate picture of the elementary student’s academic, social, and emotional development.

We do this by:

  • Striving to build a strong academic foundation that retains a child’s natural love of learning. The curriculum is designed to integrate California State Standards along with Oak Grove’s own unique framework of learning expectations expressed in The Art of Living & Learning.
  • Recognizing the individuality of each and every student and offering rich, engaging, multi-leveled projects and assignments that speak to developmental readiness, personal interest, and creativity.
  • Working, collaborating, investigating, and having fun together.
  • Developing strong partnerships with parents so that students receive consistent support from both home and school.
  • Empowering students with self-responsibility and ownership of their own learning, we ensure they have the skills they need to succeed in education and in life.

Aftercare Program (K-5)

In the Aftercare program, students engage in games, arts & crafts, wood crafts, special projects, beading, stories & reading, supervised free play. The program is open to Oak Grove students after school Monday through Friday. We support creativity and intelligence in an atmosphere of playful cooperation and relaxation.


Discussion · Deep Inquiry · Hands-on Learning Opportunities

In classes averaging 14-18 students, a developmentally appropriate academic curriculum is offered which integrates California State Standards and National Common Core Standards with Oak Grove’s unique framework of learning expectations expressed in The Art of Living & Learning. Students apply problem-solving approaches and inquiry-based learning to all core subject areas (math, language arts, social studies, science) which are taught by the homeroom teacher. Subjects are integrated, and academics are differentiated to teach to the individual child’s developmental level.

Outdoor Education

Camping · Hiking Local Trails · Channel Islands 

Oak Grove’s Outdoor Education at the Elementary School level offers opportunities to learn from nature, build lasting friendships, feel comfortable and secure in the outdoors, and become active stewards of the environment. Elementary students have opportunities to visit to our local Channel Islands, mountains, and farms. Camping away from home with teachers and peers allows students to increase independence, cooperation, and teamwork, and the ability to spend time in nature without the stimulus of electronics.

Elementary School Music Showcase

Exploratory Courses

Music · Art · Fitness · Spanish

Beyond the homeroom, elementary students take courses in music, and arts (drawing, painting, ceramics, weaving, and more), drama, horticulture, and library science. Students also participate in a variety of athletics, helping introduce the importance of physical vitality, caring for their body, making healthy life choices, developing understanding, respect, and compassion for others, and instilling a sense of responsibility to the whole. Personal excellence, sportsmanship, self-reflection, and joy in the game are emphasized over competition.

Community Service

Student-led Community Service Projects

Elementary students develop community service projects in collaboration with their teachers. These are often tied to curriculum and tap into the many resources and partnerships Oak Grove School has established in Ojai. Some of the projects have been: rehabilitation of local habitat, recycling projects, meal preparation for the homeless, awareness and fundraising for various causes.

Elementary celebration 5th grade

Honoring Transitions

Elementary to Middle School

Completion of Elementary School is an important time to pause and reflect on the experiences that have culminated in this significant milestone. The 5th grade students are honored with a ceremony on campus, attended by family, friends, and faculty to share, support students, and celebrate together.

Parent Education

Parent Education

Led by Teachers as Well as Outside Professionals

The faculty of the Oak Grove Secondary School provides a well-rounded Parent Ed program, whereby parents can become informed on subjects related to teen and young adult development. Parent Ed events are led by teachers as well as outside professionals, covering topics like social media wellness, college readiness, teen sexuality, inquiry-based dialogue, and more. The program’s mission is to support parents in raising teenagers through workshops on adolescent development, communication strategies, college readiness, and harm prevention. In addition, the program emphasizes building relationships and support networks among parents, teachers, and community members.

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