Oak Grove School Board

A message from the Board Chair, Leone Webster

Leone Webster, Board ChairI have spent 32 years involved with the Oak Grove School. I first encountered the school in the mid-1970’s while attending one of Krishnamurti’s talks. I was single and living in Los Angeles. Every year in May, I would come up to Ojai to hear him speak in the Oak Grove. While I was wandering around the campus, I had this very powerful feeling that I would send my future children to that magical place. The beauty of the campus and the overall feeling was something I had rarely felt.

I met my husband, Guy, in 1979, and we decided to move from LA to Ojai. When the children arrived, I was so excited to be able to fulfill my dream of sending them to Oak Grove School. Through the years I became involved in parent volunteer opportunities and eventually became Chair of the Oak Grove School Board, which is a position I occupy today.

The school has become my school as much as it was for my children. It became a place where the deep relationships, thoughtful interactions; the openness and care for the developing child were both inspiring and healing from my own very different prep school education.

I am so grateful to Krishnamurti for his philosophy and vision in building the Oak Grove School for us all. I continue to be inspired by the commitment of the teachers and staff and the healthy state of the school. Our school is thriving, with healthy waiting lists in most classes. It is at a most vibrant and beautiful state these days, and I am so honored to have spent these 32 years both nurturing and being nurtured by this amazing community.

The current members:
Bill Prather • Cathleen Lynch • Dennis Rice • Duke Stump • Jodi Grass • Karen Hesli • Leone Webster • Mark Lee • Michelle Sherman • Rachael Barkley • Robert “BD” Dautch • Tanya Smith-Montano • Theresa Bulla-Richards • Tom Davis

Some changes in membership have occurred since this photo was taken.

Nominating CommitteeFinance Committee
Leone Webster, OGSB Chair
Jodi Grass, Head of School
Bill Prather, Chair
Sandra Torres, Business Manager
Jodi Grass, Head of School
Development CommitteeCampus Planning Committee
Dennis Rice, Chair
Jodi Grass, Head of School
Jacqueline Valle, Development Associate
Ajay Sahgal, parent
Lawren Howell, parent
Tanya Smith-Montano, OGSB Member
Lilly McDowell, parent and alumna ‘98
Cathleen Lynch, Chair
Jacqueline Valle, Director of Operations
Marga Kasper, Maintenance Coordinator
Darcy Gray, Director of Technology
Jodi Grass, Head of School
Diversity, Equity, and InclusionWASC Committee
Jodi Grass, Chair
Dharini Rasiah, Co-chair (alumna)
Karen Hesli, Chair
Jodi Grass, Head of School
Meredy Benson Rice, Director of Teaching and Learning
Adrienne Hoskins, Child Development Specialist
Carrie DeVaney, Assistant to Head of School
Parent Council
Rachael Barkley, PC Chair
Jodi Grass, Head of School
Warren Petersen, PC Liaison
Class Representatives:
Anna Oster, Erin Gerken, Britt Purdy, Carrie Ruscheinsky, Megan Bense, Sarah Otterstrom, Sarah Grunewald, Shawn Steward, Heather Haynes, Donna Hemmert Baumann, Dayna Baer, Mikko Cook, Melissa Sapp, Mariana Schulze, Penny Herring, Tasha Sween, Kasia Leavitt, Yolanda Vega, Bettina Hohner

Shared Authority

To the extent legally permissible, the KFA delegates to the OGSB the authority to act on its behalf in all matters relating to the stewardship and operation of Oak Grove School.