Eric Sullivan

High School Music Teacher


Attended, Musician’s Institute, Berklee School of Music, New England Conservatory
Teacher since 2003

How many years have you worked at Oak Grove?

Since 2015.

Why do you work at Oak Grove?

It’s a fun place to be! I believe in Oak Grove’s approach to education and the way we work with students. I also appreciate the creativity and passion of my fellow teachers.

Where is your special spot on campus?

The stage in front of the Pavilion!

Coffee or Tea?

I appreciate all forms of caffeine.

What makes an Oak Grove education unique?

We deal with students as individuals.

How do we prepare students for their life ahead?

By promoting interdependent cooperation.

The best live music performance/concert you ever attended is …

The last OGS showcase!

Person (dead or alive, famous or not) that you’d most like to share a meal with.

Jimi Hendrix.

Name a place you’ve always wanted to visit, but haven’t yet.