Jacqueline Valle

Director of Operations

How many years have you worked at Oak Grove?

I started in 2012.

Why do you work at Oak Grove?

I first came to Oak Grove when my son was an infant to pick up my then five-year-old brother. During that initial visit, I knew this would be the school for my son (he was enrolled two years later). In just a few years, I was able to put my past development experience to use and work at Oak Grove. My role has expanded, and I continue to learn and grow here at school.

Where is your special spot on campus?

I enjoy walking the path through the Meadow which connects both sides of campus.

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee. For sure.

Which teacher in your life affected you greatly? How?

Mr. Totheroh was my High School History teacher. He always supported my inquisitive nature and never stifled my optimism or sense of equality. While he did not often hang the protest posters which I eagerly shared with him, he did spend time listening to me talk about social justice issues that I was passionate about. He  encouraged me to continue to support those issues.

Name a place you’ve always wanted to visit, but haven’t yet.

One day, I will travel to Egypt.

Share a hilarious OGS experience.

I have a deep fear of squirrels (and other assorted rodents). My son was in 4th grade and waiting outside my office one afternoon. I turned my back to my door to ask Marcus a question. He simply said, “Um, mom…there’s a squirrel in your office.” I dismissed this, as he likes to joke around. Once again, Marcus spoke up, “Mom, there is a squirrel in your office. I am not joking.” I slowly turned to see a squirrel right in the middle of my office. I jumped about 10 feet and ran. So did the squirrel.

Favorite Oak Grove expression?

“Private School. Public purpose,” or “We’re the best non-competitive school in the valley.”