Joel Keeler

Director of Admissions and Communications

How many years have you worked at Oak Grove?

I started in 2022

Why do you work at Oak Grove?

I work at Oak Grove because I believe in the school’s mission to “assist students in developing those qualities of mind, heart, and body that will enable them to function with excellence, care, and responsibility in the modern world.”

A quote that inspires your approach to your job.

“I would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.”
John O’Donohue

Where is your special spot on campus?

I love to walk through the Oak Grove

Coffee or Tea?


What makes an Oak Grove education unique?

Oak Grove’s focus goes far beyond the exchange of information from the teacher to the taught. While rigorous academics are at the core of an Oak Grove education, an equal emphasis is placed on being a socially responsible citizen, an empathetic, articulate communicator, and a deep-thinking, lifelong learner.

What outdoor experience has been most impactful for you?

Getting to help chaperone an 11th grade Oak Grove backpacking trip. Watching young people conquer challenges they did not think possible and gain a sense of empowerment was very inspirational!

The best live music performance/concert you ever attended is …

Radiohead at the Hollywood Bowl

Person (dead or alive, famous or not) that you’d most like to share a meal with.

Huell Howser

Name a place you’ve always wanted to visit, but haven’t yet.

Bern, Switzerland