Sydney Robertson

Learning Resource Teacher
ESL Teacher
Director of Residential Life


B.A., History
Stanford University
Wesleyan University
Teacher since 1992

How many years have you worked at Oak Grove?

Since 2016.

Why do you work at Oak Grove?

I love being at a school that involves all stages of education and that values educating all members of its community, from toddlers to teens to staff and parents.

Where is your special spot on campus?

Besant House kitchen when the students are working and laughing together.

Coffee or Tea?


What makes an Oak Grove education unique?

By helping them think independently and to be comfortable with who they are and are becoming. OGS students have a wonderful ability to be comfortable with themselves and where they are.

What outdoor experience has been most impactful for you?

Back-packing (but not at Oak Grove). At Oak Grove, it is time in the Art Garden/Jake’s garden.

The best live music performance/concert you ever attended is …

John Hiatt.

Person (dead or alive, famous or not) that you’d most like to share a meal with.

My husband, and we’d cook cassoulet, which takes at least three days.

Name a place you’ve always wanted to visit, but haven’t yet.


Favorite Oak Grove expression?

“That’s not the plan; what’s the plan?”