High School Curriculum — History

The history program at Oak Grove follows a four year sequence in the High School. The ultimate purpose of the program is to prepare students to exercise their rights and responsibilities in a democratic society. Towards that end, the program has four objectives:

  1. Content: To develop students’ understanding of history and the interconnected nature of our world.
  2. Literacy: To improve students’ analysis skills in the social sciences as listed below
    • Interpretation of primary and secondary sources
    • Chronological and spatial thinking
    • Historical research, evidence, and point of view
    • Historical Perspective (Race, Class, Gender, Ethnicity)
    • Content specific academic vocabulary
  3. Inquiry: To utilize the tools of historians, geographers, economists, and political scientists to address questions of significance, draw conclusions based on evidence, and apply the acquired knowledge and skills to address issues and solve problems in today’s world.
  4. Citizenship: To encourage students to become active and engaged citizens from the local to global level. 

Human Rights

The origins, characteristics, and development of different political and social systems from the ancient to modern eras, with emphasis on the development of human rights.

Global Studies

A survey of the major historical events of the 19th and 20th century from a global perspective.

American History

A survey of American History with a focus on civics and citizenship.

Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

In the fall, we take deep dive into the cultural and religious life of India to help the students prepare for their month long visit to our Indian sister schools. In the spring, we study ethics and philosophy as well as prepare for the Senior Gateway exhibitions.

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