Summer Resources: First Grade

2020 Summer Activity/Learning Suggestions
Kindergartners going into First Grade

Welcome to first grade! The intention of summer practice is to integrate school learning into home life. Below you’ll find suggestions that include playful activities that also reinforce academic skills, in a relaxed family environment. This year, given the COVID situation, we have added more online opportunities for learning over the summer. We’ve also included online resources and quick links to specialist google slide lessons for art, music, and Spanish, in case your student would like to access these over the summer.

Wishing you a restful and restorative summer!


  • Read, read, read!

    Read to your child before bedtime, have books out and available, including early readers if they are ready. Repeat the same book that they love over and over until you and your child can recite it by heart. Then read it backwards, word by word! Listening to books on tape can also be an enjoyable exposure to literature.

  • Play letter and number games

    For example, ask your child to guess a letter that you draw on their back. Play Go-Fish with number cards and alphabet cards. Form letters with your bodies. Look for letters and numbers on signs or license plates, or search for shapes in nature, in the clouds, or anywhere you go!

  • Play with sounds (phonemic awareness)

    Auditory games help children understand that language is made up of sounds, which is an important pre-reading skill. You can play word games, “I’m thinking of a word that rhymes with ____.” Have your child guess a word that you sound out slowly (“ssssssuuuuuunnnnnn”). Have a “Sound” scavenger hunt. Give children a bag and ask them to find as many things around the house that begin with a certain sound. Click here for more phonemic awareness games.

  • Invite your child to write

    Have blank journals and books available. Support them to sound out stories, grocery lists, recipes, and more. It’s important for children to be able to sound out words independently without worrying about “correct” spelling.

  • Math is everywhere if you look for it!

    Patterning, counting, adding, subtracting, measuring, and sorting are all important concepts in math and can be practiced in daily activities such as setting the table, baking, cooking, building, and woodworking. Counting games, card games, and board games also allow your child to learn and practice these important math skills.

  • Cultivate self-regulation and self-care

    Help your children to help themselves. If you know that they are capable of something, give them the space to do it for themselves. Let them manage their own shoes and backpacks when possible. Create spaces in your house where your child can successfully access and put away their own belongings.

  • Foster the ability to be in a group

    Being at school means that children are obliged to balance group needs with their own needs. At times they need to be able to move at someone else’s timetable, stay together with a group, listen to and follow instructions. You could practice moving through transitions such as leaving a store or a playdate at a certain time, or cleaning up all together after dinner.

  • Encourage your child to make mistakes and take risks

    Emphasize that not knowing is the first step to learning. Let them see you make mistakes.

  • Family & Nature Time

    Schedule lots of “needs-nothing” time, with open space and no agenda. The summer is a time to connect as a family in a relaxed environment, enjoying being together!

Online Resources

Access our Kindergarten Google Classroom to complete projects that your child did not have a chance to finish during the school year. (Class code: fgytbvj.)

Language Arts:

  • Download the Khan Academy Kids app.  This is a free educational game that reviews PK-K language arts and math skills. Khan Academy Kids »
  • Readworks: Sign up for a free parent account so your child can access online digital passages to keep reading/listening over the summer:  Readworks »


Khan Academy Math Review

Specialist Lessons

Access our Kindergarten Google Classroom to complete projects that your child did not have a chance to finish during the school year. (Class code: fgytbvj.)