Learning Resources: Tenth Grade

2020 Learning Suggestions
Ninth Grade going into Tenth Grade

Welcome to tenth grade! The intention of Learning Resources is to integrate school learning into home life. Below you’ll find suggestions that include playful activities that also reinforce academic skills, in a relaxed family environment. This year, given the COVID situation, we have added more online opportunities for learning.


  • Read, read, read!

    Your required summer reading and books of your own choice.

  • Find & Share Books

    Go on family trips to bookstores and libraries (online or in person if open); talk about books; share your favorite books.

  • Spanish

    See and hear what you’ve learned come to life by watching movies and series in the original Spanish. Practice Quizlet sets from chapters 1 through 5.

  • Math Review!

    Khan academy for math review (Algebra II concepts).

  • Be in Nature

    Be in nature as much as possible as a means to develop your sensitivity and awareness of the world around you.

  • Schedule Downtime

    Schedule lots of “needs-nothing” time, with open space and no agenda. The summer is a time to connect as a family in a relaxed environment, enjoying being together!