Learning Resources: Preschool & Kindergarten

Learning Suggestions
Geckos, Iguanas, & Kindergartners

Learning happens all the time, not just in school. The intention of practice is to integrate school learning into home life. Below you’ll find suggestions that include playful activities that also reinforce pre-academic and academic skills, in a relaxed family environment. This year, given the COVID situation, we have added more online opportunities for learning at home.


  • Enjoy time in nature

    Explore the wonderful wild spaces in our valley, enjoy nature walks, bike rides, morning hikes, trips to the beach, and time in your yard or neighborhood.

  • Real Work

    Children delight in real work. Include your child in cooking projects, sorting things, helping to set the table, washing dishes with warm soapy water, caring for a pet, working in your garden, washing windows, fixing something, making lists, building projects, etc.

  • Open-ended play

    Help create a space in your house for your child to explore materials that offer many possibilities. Allow time for your child to engage in deep imaginative play, drawing, painting, and creating.

  • Read

    Enjoy reading books with your child. Audible books are a great option, too!

  • Cultivate Independence

    If you know that your child is capable of something, give them the space to do it for themselves. Let them manage their own shoes, or change clothes when possible. Create spaces in your house where your child can successfully access and put away their own belongings.

Online Resources

Access your Google Classroom to complete projects that your child did not have a chance to finish during the school year or to repeat activities, as this is important to reinforce skills for our earliest learners.

Talking About Racism with Your Child

Our school’s mission and values call us to acknowledge injustice in the world, as a community rooted in empathy and kindness. We are sharing resources with you to help support these conversations, to help provide strategies for how to talk about race and racism with your children in our ongoing commitment to realize the ideal of Krishnamurti’s teachings.


Children’s Books