End-of-Year Final Assembly & Family Potluck

Potluck and Assembly Details
Thursday, June 7, 2020

On Thursday, June 7, at 9:30am, the two Preschool groups hold a closing gathering behind the classroom. At 10:00am, Kindergarten holds a closing gathering in their yard. At 10:30am sharp, our entire community comes together for its End-of-Year Assembly at the Pavilion, followed by a community potluck at 12:00pm. Here are the potluck details:

The school will provide biodegradable plates, cups, and forks. We are asking each family to double their recipe so there will be plenty for all:

Gluten-free families:
Please make one gluten-free dish to share with the following breakdown based on your child’s last name:
A-E (Main dishes)
F-K (Salads)
L-N (Side Dishes)
O-Z (Appetizers)

Everyone else:
Please provide a dish based on your child’s last name:
A-E (Main dishes)
F-K (Salads)
L-N (Side Dishes)
O-Z (Appetizers)


This year, Quinn and Hayes Marvin will be holding a benefit gelato sale. Yes, there will be enough gelato for all 300-plus of us! The proceeds from the sale will go toward replacing all incandescent bulbs on Oak Grove’s campus with LED bulbs. Remember to bring cash.

~ ~ ~

PLEASE REMEMBER TO TAKE YOUR SERVING DISHES HOME AFTERWARD, AS ALL DISHES LEFT BEHIND WILL BE DONATED TO THE KITCHEN. If you are bringing a vegan dish, please clearly mark the container. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you on campus as we end the school year.

Being a Mindful Audience

As we approach all of our end-of-year events on the Pavilion stage, we wish to highlight ways we can all be attentive audience members during graduation and gateway ceremonies and assembly:

* Please arrive on time for the scheduled events.

* If you plan to bring children, please keep them with you at the Pavilion seating area. The playing field, playground adjacent to the Pavilion, and play structure across the field will be closed during events.

* Please turn off your cell phone.

* If you are bringing guests who have not been on campus before, please ask them to leave their dogs at home and remind them that this is a smoke-free campus.

Thank you.

Begin the application process. If you have any questions, we’re happy to assist you.