High School Athletics

Fit for Life & Team Sports

Oak Grove’s Fit for Life and Team Sports Program helps students learn the importance of physical vitality, caring for their body, making healthy life choices, developing understanding, respect, and compassion for others, and instilling a sense of responsibility to the whole. Personal excellence, sportsmanship, self-reflection, and joy in the game are emphasized over competition.

All High School students participate in Fit for Life and Team Sports. Students meet after school for conditioning, exercise, and team sports practice three times per week. Games are played on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. Oak Grove School is a member of the Condor League, a local league that includes Besant Hill, Dunn, Garden Street Academy, Midland, Oak Grove, and Ojai Valley School. Oak Grove fields teams each season in a variety of sports including girls’ and boys’ soccer, girls’ and boys’ volleyball, and other team sports such as tennis, basketball, ultimate frisbee, and cross country, according to student interest.

The lessons young people learn and practice on the playing fields can serve them for a lifetime. They learn about friendship — the friendship of their classmates, teammates, teachers, and mentors as well as those “others” who they may be competing against. And they learn about community – that each component is a critical part of the whole. We depend on the participation and commitment of everyone! A common question is: How does Oak Grove handle competing in a sports program if it is a non-competitive school? We focus on the process rather than the outcomes and encourage students to compete with themselves, to always strive to improve and reach their full potential. When that inevitable sense of competitiveness wells up, we are able to reflect on it and learn from it.

It’s not about wins and losses; if we can have fun and grow as a team, then it will be a successful season. Team sports help our students explore the power of leadership, inclusiveness, cooperation, and independence. Our athletic program emphasizes intrinsic motivation, dedication, resilience, and focus. The goals for this year will be to try to play balanced soccer, to limit our unforced errors, and most importantly, to enjoy ourselves.”

Season Breakdown

  • Fall
  • Boys’ Yoga & Conditioning
  • Girls’ Volleyball
  • Cross Country
  • Winter
  • Boys’ Soccer
  • Girls’ Soccer
  • Cross Country
  • Spring
  • Boys’ Volleyball
  • Girls’ Yoga & Conditioning
  • Ultimate Frisbee

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