Oak Grove School Technology Policy

This policy was created in order to support an environment that is focused on the here and now. Increased use of electronics has become a notable distraction in the learning environment, and we ask students to view their time at school as a time to minimize the steady stream of electronic input. While technology is used at times for academic purposes, its use is discouraged for social or personal reasons. Therefore, we ask students, staff, and parents/caretakers to observe the following:

  1. Students may use computers and tablets for academic purposes as determined and supervised by the teacher. Phones are not used for academic purposes.
  2. Student usage rules are as follows:
    • High School students may not use mobile devices on campus between arrival and 4:30pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday or between arrival and 12:00pm on Wednesdays.
    • High School students must put mobile devices away as soon as they arrive on campus and have them turned off and in a locker or back-pack during school hours.
    • Students in the 4th through 8th grade may bring mobile devices to campus, but must turn them in to the classroom teacher. They will not have access to them for the duration of the school day. Students may check and send quick messages to and from caretakers/parents at the end of the school day at the Main House parking lot bench.
    • Preschool-3rd grade students may not have mobile devices on campus.
  3. If a student is seen using a mobile device on campus, it will be collected immediately and returned to them after school hours.
  4. Faculty and staff may use computers, tablets, and phones for work-related purposes in a discreet manner. Phones should be out of sight and on silent mode when outside of the classroom or office.
  5. Parents and caretakers are asked to observe our intention to have a cellphone-sensitive campus and to put phones away and on silent when on campus.
  6. Parents/caretakers and students can communicate by phone through the landline phone system available in the Front Office, High School Office, and in the classrooms.
  7. Adults may use a mobile device to capture images and videos in an inconspicuous way, but are asked to refrain from editing and posting until out of view of others.
  8. All members of our community, including parents, are asked to refrain from walking anywhere on campus with their phone out and in view of others.