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This Week at Oak Grove School - 
November 22-28, 2015

This Week at Oak Grove School

We had a wonderful week on campus with assemblies, project presentations, walks and wagon rides with buddies, Romeo and Juliet in the Junior High, field trips, and getting sponsors for the Day of Reading. We have just four days left and we are half way to our goal. We have a long way to go but we can get there together! And don't forget to wear your jammies on Wednesday! View This Week at Oak Grove School - November 22-28, 2015.


New Media Posts from Oak Grove

OakGroveOjai Join us this Friday night at 6:30 for the High School Showcase! https://t.co/ejJX2fYvHY
OakGroveOjai I posted 80 photos on Facebook in the album "The 2015 Day of Reading" https://t.co/AcBsscp4go
OakGroveOjai 4 days until The Day of Reading! https://t.co/uvhVg7wObd
OakGroveOjai One week left for the Day of Reading! https://t.co/qDrJziC08s
OakGroveOjai This Friday at 4:00PM - The Junior High performs Romeo and Juliet! On the Pavilion Stage. https://t.co/MRf36TgW1R
OakGroveOjai Participate in the Day of Reading https://t.co/YsHdOJvWiz
OakGroveOjai We look forward to seeing your there! https://t.co/RbcpillMQk
OakGroveOjai I posted 146 photos on Facebook in the album "2015 Open House and All-School Showcase" https://t.co/GgSz8TWYnH