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This Week @ Oak Grove School -
October 23-29, 2016

 This Week at Oak Grove School

Sending students into the world, who have both an understanding of themselves and who act out of a sense of affection, sensitivity, and love and thus responsibility towards others and our planet. Surely, those are some of the highest goals to strive for in an education... We want all our parents to help make this small-scale revolutionary education available to the children of our valley and beyond, regardless of income. Please contribute through a stretch gift, a gift that feels big and meaningful to you, to our annual appeal this year and help keep our school accessible for all students and families! GIFT HERE. Click here to view This Week @ Oak Grove School - October 23-29, 2016


New Media Posts from Oak Grove

OakGroveOjai It's college advising day for Oak Grove School's senior class! https://t.co/L7AOywTFkF
OakGroveOjai Dear 2015-2016 Oak Grove School graduates... care packages are on the way! We wish you well on your adventures... https://t.co/F5khNpTsUM
OakGroveOjai Ojai Day and Conferences https://t.co/87FiYyCuvN
OakGroveOjai Fifth graders recently learned about mind mapping. Parent Nusa Maal created this mind map as she sat and listened... https://t.co/VVZRFuMPpY
OakGroveOjai This Week at Oak Grove School - October 2-8, 2016 https://t.co/WYGCoE6GJC
OakGroveOjai In the parking lot kiosk this week: Optical worm and flower design drawings by the 6th grade class! https://t.co/b3quVYSZSJ
OakGroveOjai Next week we take class and individual portraits on campus! All photo print orders need to be submitted to the... https://t.co/QiMIjkzxDF