Oak Grove School celebrated its 12 graduating seniors last week. During their commencement ceremony, which took place in the beloved oak-bordered Pavilion on the Oak Grove campus on June 9th, students, teachers, parents and the wider community gathered to commemorate the class of 2023.

Our student newspaper The Oak Grove Inquirer is one of many outlets students have for sharing their passions, expressing their artistic visions, and guiding community conversations.

Digital Media class offers students many ways to explore the power of image making, storytelling, and conveying messages through digital art, digital photography, and video.

After months of rehearsal and countless hours put in by the Oak Grove Theater Team, student performers & crew members, as well as inexhaustible parent & caregiver volunteers, the curtain was finally raised on four delightful performances of Shrek the Musical.

The student newspaper is a great way for students to engage with peers on important topics and to find a communal voice for change, as well as to develop their own individual voices.

Oak Grove high school students collaborate with government agencies in a clean-up effort.

To make Unplug Day more festive for our students and staff, we are embracing a theme – School Day in 1984. We invite our students to join our staff and dress as if it were the 1980’s! Parent Council will add to our celebration by creating a “1984 Museum” in the Gazebo, where students will see items like VCRs, Reebok high-tops, cassette tapes, and rubix cubes.