High School Spring Showcase 2024

Our High School Spring Showcase holds a special and significant place in the heart of our community. Starting at the art studio, families, staff, and students explored recent work in painting, photography, ceramics, and woodwork. It’s a chance to connect with each other, celebrate student creativity together, and remark on a year that always seems to have flown by.

Continuing to the Pavilion, the performing arts portion of the afternoon was kicked off with an energetic group performance by our poets about why they write. As musicians took their place before each groovy number, students bared their souls with hilarious, vulnerable poetry that brought laughter and tears to a crowd who cheered them on with the now familiar “go in, poet!”

Wonderfully choreographed dance performances were also supported with cheers by peers, family, and friends as they took to the stage with confidence.  One routine was in collaboration with live music from the band that added an extra dimension of excitement to their performance.

The repertoire of songs performed by music elective students honored the tradition of dusting off some classics from decades past. The switching of instruments as students took their places showed the breadth of exposure and opportunity students have with different instruments in Oak Grove’s music program.

One impressive moment was when master of ceremonies Surya pointed out that his fellow senior Dylan was playing a bass guitar that he made in woodshop class this year. The crowd was also full of recent graduates and alumni home from college, reliving their time on the Pavilion stage and cheering on their friends. For the senior class, this is their last showcase, and it’s bittersweet as the show comes to an end with dancing, cheers, and hugs.

Spring Showcase always seems to fill the community with energy, joy, and nostalgia as we enter into these special last weeks of school.

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