Parent Education

On February 11, 1974, the day the school was officially announced, Krishnamurti said:

“And this school here, we have been discussing with the teachers, with the parents, and with the architects for the last two years. This school is entirely different from the other schools in India and England. Here the parents are involved in it, which is a new kind of experiment because if the children are going to be different then parents must also be different, otherwise there is a contradiction between the child and the parents, and there will be conflict between them. So to avoid all that we thought it would be right that the parents as well as the teachers and the students work together as a family unit.”

Mission of the Program:

In order to help our parents, students, and teachers work together as a “family unit,” we offer a Parent Education program that spans the entire Oak Grove experience from Preschool through 12th grade.

Elementary and Secondary Parent Ed Schedule
Grades 1st-12th

Description: Our Parent Education program takes a two-pronged approach. First, the program is designed to support parents in raising children and adolescents through workshops on subjects such as child development, communication strategies, harm prevention, and academic support. As students advance to the secondary level, we also include sessions on college readiness and the transition into adulthood. The second goal of the program is to build relationships and support networks among parents, teachers, and community members. Oak Grove is a close-knit community, and we seek to create a healthy dialogue between staff and families in order to best serve the needs of our students.

RSVPs and Snacks:
While RSVPs are not required, we always appreciate knowing who is planning on attending. Please email if you are coming. This workshop is adults-only. We also need a few volunteers who would like to bring some tasty snacks. Please email Will if you are interested.

ECP and Early Elementary Parent Education/Family Partnership
Preschool-3rd grade

Gathering in the Main House once a month, Parent Ed begins just after you’ve said good-bye to your child (anytime after 8:00am) and continues until 10:30am.

The goal of Parent Ed is to support both parenting and teaching by building pathways between home and school. We place high value on this aspect of our program and urge families to attend. Parent Ed is your time, an opportunity for families to share the complexity and similarity of their experiences during the young family years. We want parents to feel comfortable bringing their comments and questions to our morning discussions. These meetings offer a chance to wonder out loud, deepen understanding of our individual children, their relationships and growth, and of child development in general. The goal is to increase self-understanding, balance, and joy in family life.

Each month a different teacher from the early elementary program will join us in Parent Ed for the first hour, 8:00-9:00am. Parents of OGS students from Preschool through 3rd grade are welcome to join.

Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Parent Education 

Please refer to the school calendar to see the current Parent Education schedule.