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So for my personal project, I wanted to paint some small canvases that I got for my birthday. All of the work pictured was done during quarantine, and it was a good way to pass the time. I like that I got to paint whatever I wanted to, as you can see from the pictures pictured. There are six paintings, so I’ll write a sentence for each:

  1. Apple-this was the first one I did, so I wanted to start out simple!
  2. Eye-eyes are very cool to draw, and I wanted to do something visually cool. I got kind of confused on what I was doing halfway through
  3. Blue haired girl- painting people is fun, and she’s ocean themed.
  4. Tiger- I watched a lot of tiger king.
  5. Yellow-hair lady- I thought painting long curly hair would be fun.
  6. Blue face- blues and purples for the skin looked super cool, and I wanted to get popular on the internet.

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For this project I really wanted to go simple. In art class I usually go big, and love to put very little details into my work. This time I really wanted to dive into simplicity. So I went into my backyard and collected leaves of various colors. I put them in color order, so it seems like one leaf is blending into the other, like a stripe of paint. I was originally going to photograph it outside but it became windy.


For this project I wanted to include a lot of colors to show the beauty of spring. I did my best to find flowers of all colors and I arranged them in rainbow order. I had trouble finding something blue but other than that the other colors were easy to find. I decided to set them in a crack in the pavement because I thought the lighting was cool and on either side the color of the pavement looks different. I also liked the idea of it looking like the flowers were growing out from the crack in the pavement.