Story Tables


Have you ever wanted to go on quests, battle dragons, and save the innocent?

Send your students to adventure in fantastic imaginary worlds with high school teacher Ashton MacSaylor, where they have the chance to be heroes.

Story Tables uses a roleplaying game similar to Dungeons and Dragons to build the important “soft” skills: creativity, empathy, communication, and cooperative problem-solving. To play the game, each participant takes on the role of a fictional character in a shared imaginary world. These characters are the protagonists in an original tale, and each student gets to choose the actions, words, and thoughts and feelings of their own character. They can interact with other students as their characters, or with the Story Guide, who plays the part of the narrator, as well as the various supporting characters in the story.

It is a unique experience: one part improv theatre, one part collaborative storytelling, and one part board game. This activity is more popular now than it ever has been before, especially among successful authors, screenwriters, and directors, who recognize the way it hones imagination and creative, “out of the box” thinking. It gives students a chance to try on different character traits and personalities – a process key to development at this age – and to form wonderful friendships and social skills along the way.