Teton Science Schools Field Trip

Those adults who chaperone the Teton Science Schools field trip are able to witness awe and wonder ignite in their students as they explore our natural world on cross country skis and snowshoes. All the activities Teton Science Schools plan for 7th and 8th grade students encourage them to work together and think critically about our human relationship with the natural world. In small day groups, students study specific areas of interest, such as wildlife tracks through different habitats. Seeing the wonder and excitement as they find a new set of tracks and converse together about what that means is exactly the kind of teamwork we work to foster in our classroom environment.

Outdoor Education Trips in Middle School

In middle school, students begin the year with teachers and peers, camping for several days in northern beach campgrounds. In Spring, sixth graders venture further to central California, camping for a week exploring mountain trails and tide pools. Our 7th and 8th graders travel by plane to other states to sleep in teepees, to river raft, and to study forest and glacier science by attending programs in Washington State (Nature Bridge), Wyoming (Teton Science School), or Utah (Canyonlands Field Institute), and others. While there, they engage in active, meaningful, transformative, hands-on, outdoor curriculum that integrates science, history, literature, and art.

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Lizard Talk

Spring Lizard Talks

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Lizard Talks take place throughout the year and are an opportunity for professional adults from within and without our community to share their expertise with High School students.
Unplug Day 70's flashback

70’s Flashback for Unplug Day

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Unplug Day is an opportunity for us to demonstrate unplugging for our students and challenge ourselves to focus more on the present moment. This year, we celebrated our Unplug Day by dressing in our theme of the 1970s – a time when much of our current technology was not yet available. There were bell bottoms, oversized sunglasses, and flower power galore.