Students Kick Off Day of Reading 2024

On Wednesday, January 31, students kicked off our annual Day of Reading fundraiser with a parade and signs. Starting with our elementary students, all classes joined the Day of Reading parade as it made its joyous journey across campus to the high school. Once convened on the high school lawn, the official event was announced, and so the 2024 Day of Reading had officially begun!

For several weeks, a fundraising link is available where family and friends can make a special donation in their student’s name, and leave an inspiring message about books and reading. Day of Reading culminates on Friday, February 16, when Oak Grove students come to school in their pajamas, along with a favorite stuffed toy and a treasured book or two. The day is spent exploring the magic of words and pictures. There is also a “big reveal” to see how fundraising went, and to present a check to a chosen local non-profit.

Impactful Fundraising Beyond the Classroom

This year, students will raise funds for Teaching Tools, a fund that directly supports students and teachers by fulfilling special classroom requests for one-time asks. Teaching Tools has helped expand classroom libraries, add new cameras for Photography classes, and sponsor special field trips, to name just a few projects from which our students have benefited. Students also voted to give 20% of funds to The Ojai Valley Family Shelter, a local organization providing advocacy for families and individuals who are unhoused in the Ojai Valley area of Ventura County, California. During our four-month winter season, they provide a safe, restful, and clean environment in which to spend the night. Volunteers provide guests with a hot meal, warm shower, and clean sleeping space in the evening and a good breakfast the next morning. The Ojai Valley Family Shelter relies on donations, and our support through Day of Reading will help to fund their mission.

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