Students on Stage & Screen for Matilda the Musical

On two warm evenings in May, Oak Grove families and friends gathered on campus for a socially-distanced outdoor screening of our all-school musical production of Matilda. With rehearsals suddenly halted due to the pandemic, in Spring of 2020, Matilda rehearsals began again in earnest in the Fall as students returned to campus. With new health guidelines in place, rehearsals and production had to meet the challenge of using masks and maintaining distance. The creative and resourceful response was to go all-in and professionally film the production in movie-making fashion and create something special for the big screen!

After 14 months since original casting and rehearsals began, families enjoyed the feature length production of Matilda while picnicking on the elementary and middle-school athletic field. With a giant, mobile LED screen behind her, Theater Teacher and Musical Director Richa Badami began with an impassioned introduction and thanked the cast, crew, sponsors, and all who supported. Asked to stand, cast of all ages received flowers. Before presenting Richa with her own bouquet of flowers, high school senior cast members also spoke about their experience.

The production was of the highest quality and the performances were delightful, hilarious, and inspiring and included solos and dancing from main characters as well as the entire ensemble cast.

Matilda embodies the creativity, patience, and love that has helped us navigate this uniquely challenging year together. Bravo! Bravo!

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Photos from the making of Matilda: