Oak Grove School celebrated its 12 graduating seniors last week. During their commencement ceremony, which took place in the beloved oak-bordered Pavilion on the Oak Grove campus on June 9th, students, teachers, parents and the wider community gathered to commemorate the class of 2023.

Our student newspaper The Oak Grove Inquirer is one of many outlets students have for sharing their passions, expressing their artistic visions, and guiding community conversations.

Alumni Genevieve Sky Waltcher reflects in her brief bio: “Oak Grove was more than a school; it was a family and a sanctuary to learn to be.”

It is from the small things of everyday life at Oak Grove, living with the people and the philosophy the school is so closely tied to. It can be how everyone is willing to listen to what you have to say and to live through the better and the worse of life with you; it can be feeling welcomed by everyone with open arms regardless of who you are and where you are from; it can also be a trip to India where you get to see the different lives people live in this world, just to name a few.

Duncan says that what he has learned as a parent is that the school’s environment and philosophy are very important, but it is also vital to have a community where that philosophy is supported outside of the classroom.

“It has been a dream to have Isla go to Oak Grove and a little surreal returning as a parent. Oak Grove was like my second home,”

Oak Grove is a magical place… I know that the values instilled in me at an early age remain deeply embedded, and I am so happy we are able to share the same experience with Rye.

On June 10, we officially said goodbye to the 2021-22 school year and to the Class of 2022. Saying goodbye to a teacher, friend, school, or classmate can be difficult, sad, or perhaps even joyful with expectation for what is to come.