Digital Media class offers students many ways to explore the power of image making, storytelling, and conveying messages through digital art, digital photography, and video.

We are always learning. Not only is implicit learning offered from minute to minute in our interactions with our students, with parents, and with colleagues, but we also have ample time throughout the year for explicit learning as a community of educators.

Alumni Genevieve Sky Waltcher reflects in her brief bio: “Oak Grove was more than a school; it was a family and a sanctuary to learn to be.”

It is from the small things of everyday life at Oak Grove, living with the people and the philosophy the school is so closely tied to. It can be how everyone is willing to listen to what you have to say and to live through the better and the worse of life with you; it can be feeling welcomed by everyone with open arms regardless of who you are and where you are from; it can also be a trip to India where you get to see the different lives people live in this world, just to name a few.

Through student assemblies, class meetings, faculty and staff in-service, and parent education, students of all ages, parents and staff will have the opportunity to engage with Benjamin throughout his stay in April.

Seeds of Belonging Ojai is an anti-bias/anti-racism initiative for early childhood educators and parents that aims to cultivate futures of understanding, accountability, accommodation, and respect among differences in the local community and in the world at large.

After months of rehearsal and countless hours put in by the Oak Grove Theater Team, student performers & crew members, as well as inexhaustible parent & caregiver volunteers, the curtain was finally raised on four delightful performances of Shrek the Musical.

At what age should children have a Smartphone? Should an 11-year-old watch PG-13 movies? When is a good time to introduce video games (my child is begging to play!)? How much time in front of a screen is too much?

While the high school senior class is visiting our sister schools in India each year, the High School at Oak Grove dedicates two weeks to our “Mini Projects.” Teachers lead small groups of students through an in-depth learning experiment into a craft, skill, or concept that piques the curiosities of both teachers and students. Examples have included: screen printing, song writing, sewing, cooking, screenwriting, ornamental mending, and improv.

In Episode 23 “Education as a Vehicle for Social Change,” Founding Mothers Podcast host Emily Race and Head of School Jodi Grass discuss the freedom that Oak Grove’s teachers have to implement activities that foster personal and social growth, outdoor and travel experiences to prepare youth and parents for the transition to adulthood, how students can support their mental health, and the value of questioning one’s thoughts to develop compassion.