high school return

High School & Middle School Back on Campus

The California Department of Public Health approved our COVID-19 mitigation plans to allow in-person instruction for our 7th-12th grade students and to safely return to campus on Monday, October 26.

The transition back on campus in full cohorts will happen incrementally over next week. The following week, beginning on Monday, November 2, all students in 7th-12th will return to campus in full cohorts. Details and schedules have been provided to Oak Grove families.

We previously brought our preschool through sixth grade students back on campus incrementally, in smaller groups with modified days, which allowed us the time to thoughtfully integrate new routines for being safely on campus during the pandemic. Our teachers are adept at practicing safety without creating an atmosphere of fear. Times like these ask us to be patient as we continue to navigate through new requirements and as we adapt to new norms.

The Safely On Campus (SOC) guidelines detailed here are based on current health requirements, state licensing, accreditation standards, best practices for small schools, and government orders and may change as new information becomes available. Please note that guidelines vary between programs.