High School Mini Projects

While the high school senior class is visiting our sister schools in India each year, the High School at Oak Grove dedicates two weeks to our “Mini Projects.” Teachers lead small groups of students through an in-depth learning experiment into a craft, skill, or concept that piques the curiosities of both teachers and students.

This year, High School Mini Projects included mindful archery on the soccer field, surfboard painting, sewing, Pneuma Breathwork in the Reflective Classroom, cooking at Besant House, professional sound recording and mixing, hiking, and improv.

Seventh and eighth grade students were invited to join the high school in the Student Center for Mini Project presentations. Students and faculty shared finished projects, photos, music, hilarious improvisational skits, and reflected on what they learned.

High School students enjoyed sharing their projects, and it’s something for our middle school students to look forward to.  As one middle school student commented, “I hope they do surfboard painting when I’m in high school, I really want to learn how to paint my own surfboard!”

The Art of Living and Learning

At Oak Grove we approach teaching, learning, and living as an art form – The Art of Living and Learning. Our dedicated High School faculty will help you tap into your interests and explore your natural creativity. Students develop life-long practices of intellectual discipline, good communication, self-reflection, understanding, and clear thinking. We offer a challenging college-preparatory curriculum that is approved by the University of California and is designed to exceed admissions requirements for the most rigorous and selective universities across the country. All Oak Grove High School students select from a number of fine and performing arts electives which encourage and support the development of an aesthetic sense toward all art forms as well as integrate and honor individual student interests and passions.

Discover Oak Grove High School

We all remember our first time walking through campus, visiting with teachers, and how the philosophy of Oak Grove’s approach to education resonated with us. There’s nothing more exciting than to see that in new students, parents, teachers, and friends visiting the school. Please take a moment to explore our website, links to high school details, and contact us to schedule a tour.