Open House 2022

As the closing chords from a student duet mixed in the air with the applause of classmates, family, and guests, a 12th grade poet took a deep settling breath, preparing to share her voice with the encouraging crowd. Those gathered had come to see the work of young people they hold dear, to meet a future teacher in an unfamiliar classroom, or to find out more about this learning community.

Bookended by days of strong wind and the first nourishing rains of the season, Oak Grove School had the good fortune to host our annual Open House and All-School Showcase on a perfectly temperate, sun-filled autumn day. Since our 150-acre campus sits on a mesa, separated physically from the surrounding community, this annual event is a rare opportunity for us to open our doors to welcome and feed our neighbors. 

In the crowd of roughly 500 was a near equal mix of current families and welcomed guests. It was a day to celebrate the work of our students, the work of our teachers, and our community as a whole. Most importantly, it was a day to be together. Thank you for being here with us.