5th Grade Water Conservation and Walk

Last June, Oak Grove School’s 5th grade class participated in a Water Conservation Service Initiative. The students held assemblies, shared information about water conservation, encouraged the use of reusable water

bottles, and created signage to foster conservation awareness throughout the campus.

One morning during this project, students and staff set out on a Walk for Water 3.7-mile loop. 3.7 miles is the average distance women and children in regions of Africa and Asia walk to obtain fresh drinking water. The walk highlighted the difficulty much of the world faces in getting clean water, and also helped all of the students build their sense of responsibility in working on solutions for our world. These practices follow the tenets of the school’s founder:

“We are all one… basically. Not as an idea, as a fact. And when one realizes that fact profoundly… in your guts, in your blood, in your heart, in your mind… then  you’re responsible.” – J. Krishnamurti

Finally, Oak Grove School’s Parent Council donated funds to Water.org in sponsorship of those walking for awareness. In all of these efforts, families have kept the preciousness of this resources close in mind, and conscious use of all of our water supplies remains a huge priority for the entire community.