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Oak Grove is thrilled to support an on-campus residency with Benjamin Mertz, composer, performer, and song leader who specializes in music of the Black Spiritual tradition.

“Emergent Curriculum,” is just what it sounds like. Teachers observe and listen to children for insight into their interests and hypotheses.

Interacting with the greater Krishnamurti community, immersing themselves in a different culture, and making new friends at their sister schools are three of the intentions of Oak Grove’s annual senior trip to India.

The student newspaper is a great way for students to engage with peers on important topics and to find a communal voice for change, as well as to develop their own individual voices.

The intention of Pastoral Care Time is to honor the start of a new day, to mark the transition from home to school.

Oak Grove high school students collaborate with government agencies in a clean-up effort.

How can the community cultivate a culture that puts people first – that fosters trust and connection, empowers people with resources and support, and inspires all learners to actively engage in their own learning? 

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