The coronavirus has wreaked havoc worldwide, from social distancing to overcrowded hospitals, to over 88,000 deaths across the nation. But even in darkness, there is light, and even in the worst tragedies, there is always a bit of hope.

Sometimes a song, a piece of artwork, a poem can speak to a truth in you and reset your mind and heart in a particular way.

high School Student with Avocados

When one of my family members asked me to explain my quarantine experience in one word, I said “grateful.” I chose this word because quarantine has made me aware of how much I had taken for granted, such as a loving school community, relationships with people, physical touch, fresh produce, my family having stable jobs, nature, and oddly enough, toilet paper!

High School Student Grades

Oak Grove’s high school students are obsessing over homework, class participation, tests, and how these will affect student grades. Even during remote learning, where our circumstances are incredibly different, students’ mindsets have remained the same.

To ease any health concerns about returning to campus following the Thomas Fire, please read the following update on our post-fire campus cleaning efforts.

April 19, 2020 Jodi Grass, Head of School I have been visiting the classrooms (virtually, of course) to see the faces of our students and to answer their questions. Some questions have been personal in nature, “What is the name of that cat I can see behind you?” “What is your favorite color?” “What do […]

oak grove school board members

March 18, 2020 Dear Friends, One of the benefits of community is that we may be there for each other in challenging times. Clearly this is one of those moments. As Board Members and stewards of the school, we applaud and respect our administration’s commitment to the health and safety of students and staff while […]