The Senior Class of 2022 – Hawaii Trip

Interacting with the greater Krishnamurti community, immersing themselves in a different culture, and making new friends at their sister schools are three of the intentions of Oak Grove’s annual senior trip to India. This year the seniors weren’t able to continue the 30+ year practice of traveling across the globe, but they were offered a unique adventure that approached and mirrored many of these values and goals of the India trip. With incredibly gracious support and guidance from long-time Krishnamurti community members Frode Steen and Rabindra Singh, three Oak Grove teachers are accompanying the senior class to the “Big Island” of Hawaii in January of 2022. 

Time is spent exploring the drastically varied geography, experiencing the eight different climate zones, walking lava fields, trekking through volcano craters, swimming in the ocean, hiking to waterfalls, and investigating the rainforests of Hawaii. Students split their time between camping in a rainforest and near a working farm, both on the southern side of the island. They are given time to strengthen their connections with each other, while also being allowed time alone to reflect on the experience and on themselves. As one student shared in her reflection after last year’s trip:

“I learned that I really appreciate silence and love to have space for reflection. Mahalo, Hawaii!”